• English Users

    Hello , l have a question , excuse me , my english is average and maybe I don't type English correctly.

    There are many sites on the Internet for hacking online soccer maneger game . Are you satisfied with the users' use of these hacking methods?

    If you are satisfied , say me to use that hacks way .
    But if you were not satisfied , l will not use that sites and hacks way .😭

  • Hi

    Welcome to OSM forums and tks for asking/reporting it.

    None of those hacks should work, they are all SCAMs to get you paying for something that won't work.

    But.... in case any of them works and you get advantage over other users, you should report them and not abuse them as clearly stated on OSM Terms

    1. You are to report all bugs you discover to the administrator, and never to abuse any bugs.

    Have fun and enjoy OSM