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    Hello, first of all i'd like to say , that i like this game. I have been playing it on and off for years, no i'm not saying i'm anywhere near advanced/pro level, but i'm not a rookie either. The more experience i accumulate, the more i encounter the issue, which makes me lose interest and abandon playing the game. I don't think i'm the only one, so this might be interesting for other managers too. I'll go straight to the point...

    The major issue i have is, that we managers aren't informed good enough how different aspects of the game work and effect the outcome of the match. Before you tell me, you have to find this out through experience or you can use forums to ask other managers about this stuff, let me tell you: I think there are things which should be learnt through experience and essential information, which hast to be provided by the game itself. I don't have problems with the "first" one, but the second "option" creates huge problems for me, which makes this game to turn ( at least for me) into a guessing game, that has nothing to do with football. I'll be more specific below

    For you, not to say that i talk out of frustration, i'll tell you ,that i have hundreds and hundreds of matches played throughout this years with more than 70% winning rate. Also, you might think, what i'm asking is a newbie topic in a sense, and i can agree ,but not not necessarily. The more experience you gain in this game the more answers and information you want to get about specific things. English isn't my native language, so it's difficult for me to be short and focus on the point, i hope you can still understand me.

    I want you to be open, tell us exactly how different settings in "tactics" tab effect the game. No, i'm not asking you to give us codes/mathematical calculations how engine determines the winner, but let us know enough , so we can decide what tactics to use based on the "effect", "outcome" of that specific tactic, and not guessing what it does. This will be beneficial for everyone, especially for new commers. I have read numerous articles, guides, BOSS TIPS from previous versions of the game on those topics, i also pay attention to match experience tips, but they don't provide enough info, also i can tell from my experience many are incorrect. I HATE copying tactics, these are the worst type of "guides" which only give you final result without explaining how they work. I want to know exactly what i'm doing and not blindly copying stupid settings...

    What i want to know is confirmed information from developers about everything from tactics tab, not assumptions or shared experience even from most advanced managers, otherwise i would have posted in tactics request category.

    These are what i know and would like to know about different settings in tactics tab....

    Style: There are only 5 styles in the game, the most used ones are wing play, shooting style and passing game. BOSS TIPS determines Wing play and passing game to be offensive styles, while others left being defensive. I can utilize wing play and shooting style with corresponding formations to achieve good results. I rarely use passing game, because i get better results with shooting style.I almost never use counter attack, because again shooting style gives better results, which is unfortunate because counter attack is very common in real football. Long play is the least used and provides bad worst results for me. Basically there are only 3 styles experienced managers use, which is quite limited. Well , there's nothing i'd like to know, other than wish, that we/managers could utilize these 2 least popular styles more.

    Line Tactics: This is more interesting for me. Game suggests that player stats have big influence how you set these settings, which is logical, but again from the experience i can tell not necessarily.

    Lets start from defenders, even though every type has 3 available options, in reality they are limited. I bet most experienced managers always set defenders to "defend deep", unless they facing AI or very weak opponent. Why is that? i can tell from experience, that this is only optimal choice. Even though setting defenders to " attacking fullbacks" sounds great, especially if you have defenders with great attacking skill, setting this option leaves your defense very open and gives your opponent many chances( shoots) to score a goal compared to "defend deep", not saying anything about "support midfield" option. Talking about defender primary and secondary stats, every article, guide, even BOSS TIPS from game suggest that utilizing those settings, for example placing defenders with great attacking skill on sides and setting style to wing play gives good results, surely it's logical, but is that really so? I really doubt that, i have tested many options,variations and can say that even if you place low attacking skill defenders on sides and play wing play you can achieve same results. Even defenders with less than 10 attacking skill perform very good( 8-9 ratings) and many shooting tries, at sides while playing wing play. That's why i want someone from developers who knows exactly how engine works to tell us, if these combinations really give benefit. In general i can tell, that Secondary attributes have almost no effects, what matters are primary stats, which is sad again and confusing, because the price of a player greatly depends on those stats.

    Midfielders: I'd say "stay in position" is most optimal and popular and second most popular would be "protect the defense", push forward gives terrible results, unless playing against really weak opponent

    Attackers: "attack only" and "support midfield" has to be most popular, again unfortunately attacker's secondary stats are not beneficial, i get same good performance if i set "support midfield" with low defense stat attacker. I would say setting " support midfield" reduces your shoot tries in match, but again my main concern is secondary stats.
    (BTW Some BOSS TIPS Suggested that having age balance in starting squad is important, that's bullshit as well( good managers will try to build and destroy you with full squad of young 25<age players) tips also suggested that placing high rating players in line(like good midfielder left side and good defender left side) makes them perform better, no way to confirm that)

    MARKING: Zonal or Man marking? everything suggests , that if you have more defenders than an opponent attackers you use zonal marking, otherwise man marking. I almost never use man marking, don't know how it works. Does it effect only defenders or the whole team? what about formations, many freaking questions.no way to find out so i just follow the general suggestion. Mainly if i play neutral or defensive style i always use zonal.

    OFFSIDE TRAP: general advice is to use offside trap when you have few defenders, so if i play defensive or neutral i never use offside trap. This is me, but i've noticed that some of the top managers use offside trap at 4-3-3 formation. Can't tell if 4 defenders is few or not, neither can tell how it effect final result.Again need someone from developers to clarify, otherwise it's so damn frustrating to guess.

    TACKLING" I think i have enough information on that through my experience, there's nothing i'd like to know about it, but it would be nice if you tell managers , that it effects ball possession ( more aggressive you set more successful tackles you get), more free kicks you give to your opponent and more card you recieve, also reacieving card generally means that player will get bad performance rating, reckless tackling almost always results in injured player. I don't think tackling effects stamina, i have noticed that pressure has a great effect on stamina, the higher you set it the faster your players get tired.

    Each of those bars have 5 categories, I want to know should i pay attention to a category or just a percentage, because my thinking pattern changes drastically based on that. I want confirmation on that as well. For example setting style bar to 39% means you are playing defensive, but 40% becomes neutral. Does this mean, thre's huge difference between 39% and 40% or same as between 40% and 41% which are both neutral. I want to know this is very important. Should i pay attention to % or category?

    Pressing: General advice is to set higher if i'm playing more attacking style, i do follow this and get good results, but i also want to know if i ignroe this advice and let's say i'll play defensive style 39% and i'll set pressing high 70% how does it effect the match? i have tested those things, but can't say surely

    Style: This is interesting as well , i have noticed , that setting bar low at 20-30% and high 60-75% depending defensing or attacking, gives best optimal results. If i play against a very weak squad compared to me setting bar lower than approximately 25% logically should give me better results by defending better, but it doesn't same when attacking, which is weird.

    Tempo: This gives me headaches, again categories are important , but i don't know if they mean anything. Generally if i play attacking i set bar higher, i only use between approximately 40%-65%. But there's a big problem, when i play defensive match experience always gives me tip to use higher tempo, which confuses me, i don't know why should i play possession or high speed passing if i'm playing defensive, slow buildup for example seems logical. I get confusion when i want to play counter strike or shooting style defensive game, logically i would like my players to use high speed passing when i have ball especially during counter strike, but i don't know know what to do if i set bar higher and play defensive my ball this means i oppose general advice and as a resul my ball possession goes down. This thing needs more clarification.

    For me the style bar is the most important, i set it according to strenght comparison of my own and opponent's squad considering where i'm playing of course, home or away. I set pressing the highest out of those 3 at any situation and tempo always slightly higher than style but lower than pressing with good combination of style of play ( wing, shooting, passing..) and formation of course. This is how i get my results.

    This is not a full list of things i want to know, i gave you example for you to better understand what i mean. I want to think like a manager which knows exactly what given instruction exactly does. I don't want to guess, i'm more than happy to learn through experience, but not these stuff. Today i would say most players don't use spy/data analyst function, i bet advanced players use, it surely helps, but deosn't really give you opportunity to come up with counter attack tactics. I can set my best tactics with only looking at my opponents squad, even though i always use data analyst. This function has to carry more weight.Formations have big impact, but i don't think they do when trying to choose formation which counter attacks your opponent's, because i don't believe there is such thing. BOSS TIP suggested that, placing attacker on a wing where opponent has weakest defender is a good idea, i try to follow that advice, but can someone confirm that game engine really takes such things into consideration, does it really makes player stats "clash" with each other if they play on same spot?

    Finally, i would like to ask you: Change you approach and become more open. Find the best balance not to uncover "engine's" calculations, but also give us managers more detailed information about the stuff i mentioned. This will improve everything, especially the gameplay for new players

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    @Tsugoi-Desu Hi mate,first of all I agree with some of the points tht u have stated.I agree tht some of us, if not most of us are confused about something or the other bout OSM. I understand tht u may have not wanted to spew hate but sadly (i am sorry ) tht in the above paras you do seem a bit pissed off and angry. You may not have meant any harm (I'm sure u don't mean any harm) but while reading, i could get some anger vibes. Anyways coming back. I am a manager tht started playing OSM 2 months back so becoz of tht i do not feel tht i should agree or disagree with your views as I haven't got enough experience in the problems tht u have or are currently facing but i will not shy away frm commenting on those points in which i do feel tht some minor change is required. I only have 3 points with which i can relate to the above stated points.1st is the slider concept. 2nd is line tactics and 3rd are the formations and where u position a certain type of player.
    Breaking it all down now.
    The slider concept I am just as confused bout this concept as you are."How much difference does it make if the number is 73 or 74 and how much change goes frm 79 (attack) to 80 (all out attack). It certainly is a very confusing topic and i would love if OSM would find a way to explain tht or worst case scenario chnage it.
    Line formations I believe tht the linr tactics are tooo general. The games main aim is to make us feel like managers (which it does) but i personally would love if I could **make my own line tactics ** ofc i do not want the usuall line tactics to be taken down as there maybe another manager or managers who prefer the inbuilt usual line tactics over making some on their own. Maybe they feel tht the games line tactics are gonna be better than their thought ones. So i would love if i could make my own line tactics. Example: being able to draw the full backs to attack a certain length in the pitch and calling them back and being able to draw my full backs to move across the pitch in front of the goal. Another example is telling/drawing 2 of my midfielders to defend whereas tell 1 to attack and fall deep to help defence(Hope u can understand wht i meant over here.😉 just try to picture it). Another example , lets say the 433 formation instead of tell all 3 to attack i can put one to fall back and the other 2 to attack in a curved way like thisScreenshot_2020-05-23-22-49-07.png
    Ofc it will depend on how much attacking or defending football i have decided to play. And becoz these are my football tactics,the main aim of the game to make me feel like a manager will be fullfilled my opponent will think of his own and i will think of my own to decide which player does wht on the field.
    Last but not the least are the formations and style i feel tht the game favours some styles with certain formations like 433 with wing play and 442 as passing etc. It feels in my opinion a bit unfair as a manager may favour his own formation ( i love the 532 or 352 becoz ole uses it in Manchester United ) but i am not able to becoz it works best with counter attack tactic and not with any other style (like wing play; incase im playing against weaker team i would love to go attack but the formation in the game is not built for wing play and on top of tht the line tactics will not be helpful in this case). So i feel tht with my above suggestion of making your own line tactics, making your own style of play with your favourite formation will make you feel like a real manager. And the last thing in this topic is the position of midfielders and forwards etc. Taking the 4231 as example: i would love it if i can put 2 forwards in the wings of this formation(when playing against certain formations and teams) but i cannot as those slots are for midfielders. And as the game said if u put a player in a postion where he shouldn't be, it will affect your game drastically. Which i feel is wrong becoz in reality a manager can decide whether to put midfielders in the wings of 4231 or forwards.
    My honest opinion on the game?
    I love OSM it is very unique on its own. I have not encountered any glitches or problems or bugs or any such problems since i started playing ( except when the maintenance was taking place and i thought my game was done becoz i was connected to the net and the game kept on saying ur offline. ( i almost deleted it becoz of tht😂) but thank god i didn't. ) The forum has always been helpful and the staff is great. The game is smooth and fun to play. I have only come across one manager who used cuss words against me and family, but i let him off the hook and he hasn't messaged me since as i took it as a joke.
    So personally my gaming experience as been the best and i don't want this uniqueness of OSM to go away as this is wht makes it OSM. But ofc a little bit of tweaks here and there and it will be the best manager game in the world. Remember just few tweaks; like me and the above manager mentioned. I don't (and I'm sure no other OSM manager) would want the whole game to change. Only a few things and it will be perfect .😄😄 Peace out.✌

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    @Lakshay-Ahluwalia thanks for replying and giving your opinions on this topic. It's true i'm a bit pissed off, but not towards anybody. The reason is everybody has it's own taste and preferences in everything, some might find fun in something that others don't even look at, it's totally fine. I just think i came to the point when i might lose interest playing this game and this is what pisses me off and the reason for that ( for me) is really stupid: I can't understand why aren't they providing basic info about important aspects of their own game (for me the stuff i mention in the post is basic and must have info for a manager to have). I remember how i started ( just like everyone else) having weeks and month of disappointment and uncertainty because of lacking essential info about the game. I think this is unnecessary and i bet a lot of new players abandon playing the game just because of that reason.

    I will risk it and try to guess that, they might be afraid for a game to lose a "candy" that sells the game ( attracts people to play the game) if they uncover such information, this will make their engine too "naked" and obvious and players will be able to make onpoint predictions about match outcome ( people will stop building beautiful strategies in their heads and simulating different situations by using those exact settings i mentioned, all of this will be gone because at the end of the day computer code and calculation decides the outcome and i don't think it takes these things into consideration when deciding the result) . I don't think that's the case here,that would be horrible, i just made a blunt guess.

    Having said that, i can't skip the fact and not mention that engine never stops amazing you, the random factor is so strong in there, that even playing for many years the result often can be super unpredictible and surprising in a good or a bad way.

    Back to the point, all i'm asking for is information how certain things/settings effect the outcome of the match, nothing more. The brilliance of their engine is, that it hasn't been changed for a long time as i know. You can always trust it and i like it. I like you suggestions, they are more advanced and require tweaks, i don't think game engine thinks about stuff like that. You went even further than me, i don't request tweaks to anything, but just information and more clarification.

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    Hi All,

    Let's make this something interesting to include on OSM FAQ/Guide.

    It would be nice if us as community could make a list of questions we would like to see answered when we search for tactical info on forums.

    This could go a long way to help new and old managers to understand a bit about how the OSM game engine works.

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    Thanks for showing interest and will to help us understand more about engine, i appreciate it a lot. I'll try to summarize and write down topics/questions from my original post , so it's easier to address:

    Player position, line tactics and their primary/secondary stats

    1: Do i really benefit if i place high attacking skill defenders on sides if i play 4-3-3 wing play for example?
    Note: I have placed less than 20-10 attacking skill defenders on sides and got same good results ( 8-9 rating for a player and many shooting tries in match stats) as using more than 30,40 attacking skill defenders. I have tested with different line tactics: "defend deep" and "attacking fullbacks". I didn't see much difference. I'm asking specifically for defenders , because i always place high attack rating midfielder/attackers on sides when playing wing play.

    2: Do player secondary stats really matter?( question related to previous one in a way)
    Example: If i set line tactics for attackers to "support midfield" and my attackers have good secondary (defense) stats, how exactly does it effect the game? Does it help ball possession, does it reduce opponent chances to shoot on goal because my attackers try to help midfielders? I know for sure that this will reduce my shooting tries on goal, but what about benefits. Also i have noticed that, even if i order my attackers with low secondary (defensive) skill to "support midfield" they still seem to perform good and get good ratings, why is that so?

    3: Can i target specific position/"weak" spot in opponent's formation and benefit from it?
    Example: My opponent and i are playing 4-3-3, i noticed he has defender with low defense stat placed on far left side, if i place attacker with high attacking side on my far right side, will it make these 2 players "battle, clash" and can i increase my chances this way? Does the engine take into consideration player stats when they are playing in the same area of the field?


    4: How do zonal and man marking work?
    Logically i assume zonal means, my placers try to defend against players in their playing/assigned position/zone/area of the field. Is that so, if yes, how big is that zone? Does this mean i cant assign more than 1 defender to opponent's attacker? example if i play 5-4-1 against 4-3-3 i'll have 2 defenders in the area where opponent has attackers on sides.

    How does man marking work? Does it mean every single player of mine has 1 player assigned from the enemy team to "press"? How does man marking work with formations? Which player marks which? What will happen if i play let's say 5-4-1 against 4-3-3 man marking?


    5: How does using/not using offside trap effects the game?
    How does it really work? Logically in real world you can reduce your opponents attack chances/possible shoots on goal tries using successful offside traps.It also has own risks, if used wrongly you will actually give your opponent free chance to try to score. It's also logical, that you can successfully execute offside trap if you have less defenders.
    How does all of this translate to the game engine? Explain please


    6: Each slide bar has 5 categories, are they there just for esthetic reasons or is there really big difference between categories. Should we pay attention to a percentage or category?
    Example: Style slide bar 39% is defensive, 40% is neutral. This 1% difference has same meaning as every other, let's say 41% and 42% which are both neutral? Explain relationship between categories and % please.

    7: Pressing: What does this bar effect, how should it be used? For me, when i play more attacking i set bar higher. I assume this means how far up the pitch i want my players to run for the ball. In reality nobody is running, engine takes this parameter and does something to it, what exactly tell us please?

    8: Style: I have same question for this, how does this effect the match outcome or possibilities. I have noticed that setting this parameter too low or too high doesn't give optimal results. If i want to go full attack , i don't set it higher than 70-75%, because it gives bad results. Same when defending. Please how engine looks at this parameter?

    9: Tempo: Same question here: How does it effect the game/different aspects of the game? again if i go full attack mode, i never set it higher than 60-70%. I still don't understand what it does.How can this parameter synced with different formation and playing styles ( wing play, counter attack, et.c)? I don't know the general rule, so i have no idea if it's reccomended, let's say, to play defensive football 5-4-1 counter strike and set tempo high ( possession/high speed passing) or set on slow buildup. Does tempo effect every situation i have the ball in my possession or what?If i play defensive i don't want to make fast passes because i will lose the ball, but at the same time when playing counter strike i want my players to pass fast. Mind is cooking help?

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    @Tsugoi-Desu awesome questions mate. I couldn't have come up with better ones. Wht ever i had to ask u did. Im sure wht ever my brain was going to ask,u did tht as well. Thnx again for asking such questions.😊✌

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    @King_Jamiu_10 Hey, i just want to mention, that my questions are directed to game developers, not to managers. I hope they browse through topics or they are informed about this topic. I don't know how to reach out to them. I understand it takes time and it's not an easy task to respond right away, but whatever time it may take, please don't leave us unanswered, inform us about any decision you take, even if you decide not to answer my questions, let us know about that too.

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    Of course, this is the purpose of creating this topic. So we could gather these questions and forward them to GB so they would answer them (the ones they wish to share) and maybe create a guide/faq with it.

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    I have some follow up questions:

    Stadium/Pitch Upgrade Bonus And Training camps

    1: Pitch upgrade gives 2%/4%/6% bonus when playing home matches, i always wondered what are these "bonuses" that we get. Does something happen to player stats,their performance or other variables? I have thought a lot about this topic and there's no way for me to test or guess the right answer. It would be extra helpful if you clarify this

    2: I have two questions about training camps: We all know it gives you 25% boost when activated, so is there any difference when it's used during home vs away matches? ( because i've heard it's more useful to use when playing home, is that true?)

    And again what bonuses do we get, what is this 25% boost referring to, what does it increase? A lot of people are wondering about this, please explain

    Player Physical and Morale Levels

    3: How does player's fitness level effect his performance?

    I have paid a lot of attention to this topic, i have tested and experienced different things and still i can't give a straight answer to this question. From my experience i can tell that decrease in player's fitness level doesn't always mean that he will perform worse or bad. I remember one time (i have several other examples like this) i was so mad that 50% fitness level C.Ronaldo scored 2 goals against me and got 8 or 9 rating ( we had same quality team) I was thinking to myself what's the point to this parameter if this thing can happen. Also, i have noticed that sometimes my player keeps performing worse and worse as his fitness level is decreasing and it won't change until i let him rest (he can be in 70%-80% zone for this to happen). Some players just perform normal constantly even if their fitness level is in yellow zone. So there's no way for me to surely say what should i expect. I wonder why don't we get linear decrease in player's performance as his fitness level decreases? What happens to player when his fitness level decrease? What's the difference let's say between same player 100% physical condition vs 80% condition ? Does it effect stats or other things?

    4: Same question about morale. Usually , i keep all my player's morale level at 80%-100%, so i don't see difference

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    Player Roles/Team Captain

    1: I believe i successfully choose all the roles for my team.Penalty, corner kick and free kick takers are easy to decide. Team captain is a little difficult , but 90% of the time i choose the correct player. ( I know he's incorrect if match experience says so).

    What i want to know is how does choosing/not choosing the right player as team captain effect the game?
    Do we get some bonuses if we choose the right person for the job, or opposite if not?

    Also, i would like to mention that match experience tends to tell us that we chose wrong free kick taker just because he didn't score the goal ( even though i had chosen the right midfielder with highest rating and attacking attribute). It would be nice to change this because some players might get confused. It would be better if we got message that i chose the right guy for the role, but unfortunately he wasn't lucky to score or something like that. I believe the best choice for the role is midfielder with highest rating and attacking stat, unless you have an attacker with way better value/rating of course.

    2: Corner taker: Logic suggests that choosing highest rated midfield for that role might not be the best choice, because if he takes the corner kick i will assume he can't participate in the attack and score the goal at the same moment, so i tend to choose the weakest midfielder for the job, but at the same time weak player means weak corner kick try and low chance to score. I'm a little confused here, could you suggest and explain more which things should we consider when deciding who takes the corner kick?

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    @Tsugoi-Desu I agree with the question on free-kick taker as I always trust only my strikers to take them (mostly Rashford) but i do get confused when the pundit says he was not right. In one league same guy is awesome free kick taker but in other is wrong...... sounds dumb doesn't it.....?
    As for corner I always choose a defensive midfielder or a all round midfielder and it always works. Very rarely i choose a attacking midfielder (only bruno fernandes, becoz in one league he had like 20 assists in 16 games as corner taker). I dont think it matters if u put a attacking midfielder as corner taker as long as a stronger attacking midfielder is present. (Eg: i chose bruno for corner only becoz paul pogba was better than bruno at attacking). I suggest you only stick to defensive or all round midfielders frm my experience. You are welcome to choose the 2nd or 3rd strongest attacking midfielder from ur line up if (only if) ur all round or defensive midfielder very weak. For proof my all round midfielder (winks) has 5 goals and 4 assists as corner taker. And in same league defensive (Barkely) as 4 goals and 5 assists as corner taker.I would also like more clarification on the captains role. Why cant the star player of the team be captain?(thts wht the info says). Why is it tht real life young captains like maguire and bruno can't be captains in OSM? why only old ppl?

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    that's an interesting topic as well for me, if there is actual difference between different type of midfielders for example ( attacking, neutral and defensive) other than stats. For example, i wonder how will my "defensive" midfield perform if i place him in attacking position at wing and play wing play. I have done it and they performed well, so i'm not sure if those categories have any meaning.

    As for the team captain, oldest one shouldn't always be the captain. It's a combination of player's age and value, you have to find balance. For example, you would choose 27years old 17mil valued player over 33 years old 10mil valued. Also there's not a fixed gap, but mostly if value is over 12-15mil i never look at age at all. I trust my intuition on that.

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    Syncing Specific Type Player With Playing Position In Line Up

    1: Attackers, Midfielders and Defenders have each 3 specific categories which indicate on what exact position they are supposed to play in real life.For example: Attackers can be wingers, false nine and poachers, does this mean we have to place them to according position in line up? I have placed "poachers" on sides, "defensive" midfielders on sides when playing attacking wing play and "marking" defenders on sides as well, they all performed well. So, are these categories just to make it easy to scout players or they have other purpose as well?

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    Formation Versions/Counter Formations

    1: I wonder if there is such a thing as counter formation at all? I never believed this. There are a lot of videos/guides how to counter other formations, but there's not a single hint about this in game. Do some formations really have advantage over others and can they be used as counter formations?

    2: Almost every formation has 2 of it's versions A and B. For what purpose? Players slightly change positions, this would make us managers think, that player position is important on the field, but in what way? I don't know how 433a and 433b differ from each other. I see 2 wing midfielders are pushed little bit further in b version, but what does it change game wise? does this mean 433b is more aggressive compared to "a" version if i play wing play and set line tactics for midfielders to stay in center in both cases?

  • @Tsugoi-Desu I have a similar question about A and B
    I wonder, is it relevant if in the 433b in the defending midfielder we put someone with a higher attacking probability, or in 433a in the attacking position we put someone defensive, or anything like that, would it give a disadvantage, or nothing at all

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    @Tsugoi-Desu very good question. As in one of my league i put mason greenwood (he has 7 defence stats) becoz he was young and i also had rashford. So mason on the wings ended up being a top scorer with like 30 something goals. I never understood tht.😅

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    @Lakshay-Ahluwalia @Josemaldonado_1 I came across an old topic where author had expressed concern about the same thing which made me create this thread. I couldn't have said it better, this is his quote "this game is more about 'who knows more' about game engine and totally not about outsmarting player's with your own tactics". I totally agree with this statement, i want this to change. https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.com/topic/7326/game-engine-mystery

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    @Tsugoi-Desu well said. I also completely agree on tht. I would love to see how well our own tactics made up by our own minds work out as OSM is bout giving us a feel of being a real club manager. I hope the developers will take notice and help us out. Thnx for sharing tht post.😄😊👊👍

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    @Lakshay-Ahluwalia said in OSM Tactics Guide - Request/Info:

    @Tsugoi-Desu well said. I also completely agree on tht. I would love to see how well our own tactics made up by our own minds work out as OSM is bout giving us a feel of being a real club manager. I hope the developers will take notice and help us out. Thnx for sharing tht post.😄😊👊👍

    Just keep the questions coming and GB will answer for sure (even if they don't answer all).