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    Ever since i re-joined this game after a long hiatus. I have noticed that i more than normally re-load my page when ever i click on to a feature of the game. Be it Line-up, Tactics, Specialists, et.c. For the past one week now it has occurred more frequently than not.
    Can it be fixed pls? It is really affecting my smooth flow of the game.
    This is what i am talking about. !
    ![alt text](![image url]http://image.prntscr.com/image/0d1479aafea544fbbdcd94fff17ebb66.png(image url))

  • English Users

    The "Oops, sorry something went wrong" page frequently pops up.

  • Hi mate,

    This page tends to pop when your connection is slow or when you try to access OSM in times where servers are overloaded.

    I believe that you shouldn't have problems if you try to access OSM in a faster connection or during day time.

    If you face this problem at different times of the day, and your Internet connection is fast, please report it back filling the template and provide us screenshots including the time and let us know your time zone, so we can check if there was a specific reason for those errors. Also please let us know which page you were accessing when you got the error!