[Bug][iPad] Data Analyst timer bug

  • Romanian Users


    There is a bug on IOS (iPad). Please review the information below:

    Login: Any user
    Account: Any slot
    League number: Any league
    Date & Time of the bug: When using the data analyst
    Platform: iPad App
    Screenshots: Will provide it if necessarily

    Bug step-by-step Description:

    • Send out data analyst.
    • When timer shows over one hour, there are 4 coins required to get the report.
    • When timer goes under (or equal) one hour, the amount of coins remains at 4 coins instead of 2 coins (the way it works on Web).
    • If you change the menu item then came back, the required amount will be updated to 2 coins.

    App Version: 4.6.15
    Brand/type device: iPad (5th generation)
    OS version: 13.6