Final price before players from AI teams are removed from Transfer List?

  • Hello,

    I would like to know does anyone know how long are the players available on the transfer list and how far is their price allowed to drop before they are removed from transfer list?

    Couple years ago it was possible to buy player cheaper than his value, as long as nobody buys him long enough. Nowadays players are on transfer list for certain time before they dissappear.

    Im talking about players outside your league that are put on the transfer list by AI (PC teams).

    For example, player is valued at 100M. What is the final price on the tranfer list before he dissappears?

    I hope I was able to explain on which price and which players I meant ­čśä

  • This is not something hard to find, but there are some things we prefer to let community finds out.

    It's not needed a degree in Rocket science to find it out, so instead of let you know by telling that to you, I'll move this topic to "OSM: The Game" category and let you all discuss and find it out ­čĹŹ

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    From personal observations, I happened to find out that the lowest price of a player is 1.2 times his original value. After decreasing under that level, player will be disappeared from the transfer list in the next window. So, as an example, a player valued at 100M should be gone after his price goes under 120M. This can be 119M or 118M.

  • @sercan0102
    I agree, from my observations I would've said 1.2x value as well. Thanks for your observation.

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    @sercan0102 it is always good to know. Thanks