[PC] Keep me logged in doesn't keep you logged in

  • Hi guys,

    The "Keep me logged in feature" in the website doesn't work for me.

    If I click "keep me logged in", it works until I restart or shut down my pc, any solution for this?

    I've tried clearing cache, cookies, history, etc. It's still the same.



  • Indonesian Moderator

    Try to check the setup of your browser.

    I show the guide with my mobile version of Google Chrome, but i'm sure the Chrome have a same feature like in their PC version.

    First, go to Settings menu of your browser.


    Then, click the Password menu.


    Finally, make sure your browser has enabled Save Passwords and Auto Sign-in tools. Problem solved, you can use the feature keep me logged in on OSM.


    If you use another browser, i'm sure it has a same steps to fix your issue.

  • Insightful 💡,

    Thank you for the assistance.

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