• Login: simone.antonello
    Account: At the moment I use only Slot1
    League number: every League since last month
    Date & Time of the bug: every moment
    Platform: Android App
    Bug step-by-step Description: As you can see in the screenshots, the players disappear from results/highlights screen in Android app. The last 2/3 matches played don't have any problems, but if I view an old result (i.e. a result of the 1st Day, 2nd Day, 3rd Day...) there are some players missing.
    The more a League goes forward to the last days, the more players disappears from first matchdays.
    If I see the results of the first Days from PC or browser, it is all o.k.
    App Version: 3.2.03
    Brand/type device: Wiko Highway 4G
    OS version: 4.4.2

  • ...Anyone?

  • @simone.antonello Hello Simone and welcome to the English forums. ☺

    First of all, my apologies for the delay of your answer and thank you so much for your detailed bug report.
    As for your answer I have to inform that those players missing are players that were already sold, nevertheless they should appear even for those past matches. This problem/bug has been already fixed on the web version and soon it will be fixed on the Apps too. OSM developers are already aware of it. So no worries about this one.

    Thank you once again for your patience and understanding. :thumbsup_tone2: