Hi, I have a problem, how can I activate my osm account, I give it clik and not me I want to go to that error please help me I like that game I have 4 years playing it

  • ![alt text](image url)0_1480197826757_upload-d86a9307-7a3e-420e-893a-5d092e674e35

  • same issue

  • English Users

    @Van-der-fier same for me

  • me too (on Chrome browser). If I use Firefox the issue disapears....

  • @scarle4 it works.....use Mozila ff browser

  • @Felix-Herzog 0_1480016114723_tf01f27_90d.png i want to play on Google chrome

  • Italian Users

    Same for me, but i use MOZILLA FIREFOX ? What can i do ?

  • Whoa! Where am I ? Is this the panic room or what ? :rofl:

    Ok my friends listen up carefully please.
    I had to face the exact picture in front of me a few hours back.
    I saw that new impressive hand pointing me to click on my notifications but nothing was working and I could not get inside my league to set my tactics for my match.

    Why did this happen?

    Well my guess would be: because the game developers were working on a new major update or trying to fix a serious bug.

    What do we do in similar situations?

    1. We remain cool as cucumbers ( just like a scot mate tought me to say )
    2. We log out from the game and we clean up our history from cookies and cache, just in case they create the malfunction.
    3. We loggin again and practise a bit of our patience. We refresh our game page until the problem disappears.
    4. No we do not have to change browsers. One moment the problem might appear in any browser we use or even on our apps and the next moment is gone and well fixed from the devers ( = developers).
    5. Most important ! It is wise and advised not to leave your match settings for the last five minutes before the simulation time that you view on your match calendars. It is best to be set and ready to go at least an hour before the arranged time.
      If you insist on setting your line ups and tactics at the last minute then it will be your choice to risk losing a match .

    Why we cannot guarantee the exact simulation kick off?
    Well either because of urgent works from the devers on the site or even because there are far too many managers trying to set their tactics and formations at the last minute while at the same time there are loads of new leagues created from users.

    So from my personal experience it is best to avoid the rush hour - meaning very close to sim time - to set your strategic plans for your upcoming matches.

    Thank you all for your understanding and patience. 😉

  • @DiestefanoRM123

    My friend welcome to the new forums and thank you for your post.☺
    I was glad to read how much you love this game and I assure you that you are not the only one. And I hope to have you around for the next four years and more if possible. I'm sure your problem is well fixed by now but at least you know what to do in the future if you face a similar situation. I'm wishing you best of luck and lots of fun for your gaming time. 😉