Can't sell player that I just bought but other managers can

  • Dutch Users

    If I buy a player from the transferlist and I want to sell it right away I get the message that I must wait one play round before I can place the player on the transferlist.
    But if other managers buy a player from the transferlist and sell them right away they don't get that message and they can sell the player right away.
    So what's up with that? Will that be fixed?

  • @Aart-Bakkebaard_NL Hi my friend and welcome to the new forums.☺
    This problem that you have described here occurs only when we buy a manager from the TL that belonged to another manager of the same league that we play. Please check out again the specific player that you bought. You can see it easier on your App if you use one. From which club was he bought by you?
    My guess is you will see it was from one of your opponents .
    Has happened to many of us and we can call them accidental transfers. Unfortunate to offer part of your money to an opponent. Don't you think? 😉