• Hello OSM guys & girls! 🙂

    I would like to inform you all that before posting any kind of problem you have encountered you should first do couple things.

    1. Make sure you've got the latest OSM version on your applications.
    2. Do a good clean up on your devices, from your browser and Osm app. Delete any temporary data - cache & cookies.

    For example ; this is the latest OSM app version, for the Android users , updated around the 9th of May :

    alt text

    alt text

    There are 2 ways to check out which version of the game's app you are using.
    Either by logging in Osm using your app, then go and click on the app's settings ( it's the tiny rounded icon that looks like a gear, next to your manager name and above the envelope icon )
    alt text
    or by going inside your phone's settings, then click on your applications, open your OSM app there and look at the number of the version ( apologies for the Greek that you can see from my phone's app 😊 )
    After doing that you can visit your Google Play Store and compare your version's number with the one mentioned in there, to make sure you've got the latest update.

    Note for our Dutch users

    If you have two different accounts, one on the Dutch version and another on the World version , then while reporting any kind of problem or bug please remember that it's better to use ( when possible ) the actual account that has the problem.