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  • Fantasy league is definitely coming back, I’m sure that secret message saying something new is coming from OSM is the fantasy league back. Call it a hunch.

    As for talking with this guy about changing your profile name make sure you don’t hurt his feelings because he will get your posts deleted and get you a ban😂did with me.

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    Would it be possible to update so that teams in lower division go up or down at the end of the season? Only in private leagues though.

  • A proposal to develop an option that we can look for players according to nationality in the region. For example, the Soviet Union, the Balkan Peninsula, Great Britain, the Iberian Peninsula, etc. If I would look for someone in the Balkan, for a scout to bring me Milinkovic-Savic, Pjanic, Modric, Oblak, Savic ...

  • Maybe it’s already been discussed here, but I wanted to share a quick opinion about the new manager medals. Personally I think it’s a big improvement over the old manager points system but there are still a couple of points that can and should be improved. Personally I wish it wouldn’t sum the medals for all four accounts as it penalizes a manager for not using all four accounts but I doubt this will be changed.

    But the bonuses for playing against more experienced manager or a manager with a stronger team are much too small. In the current system the penalty for playing against experienced managers is massive, only managers that play in leagues with inexperienced managers will be able to accumulate the most medals. The manager with the most medals should be the manager who can win against even the strongest competition, not one afraid of a challenge.

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    Please bring osm scout app back.

  • @Sykosis said in OSM Game Features : Chatroom - Suggestions:

    Please bring osm scout app back.

    GREAT IDEA !!!!!

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    @Ado-Hackovic Thanks, every manager definitely need this.

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    @Sykosis said in OSM Game Features : Chatroom - Suggestions:

    Please bring osm scout app back.

    yeah i agree with you it should be back

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    To make OSM even more interesting, there should be sacking of managers if they are not able to perform great enough. The chairman should be able to sack managers if they don't like their performance. This should also happen when the manager hasn't opened the club page since maybe 4-6 days and not at all changed his tactics, lineups, etc. Some might be thinking that after being sacked by the board would make a manager lose his reputation, but this is not true every time. Let me take my own example. Three months ago I abandoned OSM forgetting that I hadn't resigned from the only slot which was filled by a club, Tottenham Hotspur. Then last month I thought to rejoin OSM. I viewed all my statistics, and what shocked me was that in the season with Tottenham Hotspur I had finished at 20th position, meaning the last position. I wish if I would have been sacked by the board, I would have not lost much reputation rather than finishing at the last position with a club having the objective of 4th position. Thus, sacking makes the game more interesting.

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    I'm not sure where to write this, but as it will contain a suggestion i suppose it belongs here. Also, I'm pretty sure it will be deleted very soon because it will not be something what people with 'power' here like to hesr so I guess it doesn't really matter, right ? 😅

    What has started happening on this forum is very sad and discouraging. One of my friends and crewmates, and, I'm pretty sure, one of most active forum users has been banned from forum for 21 days only for making a valid and very good suggestion. Where is the problem here ? Well, I guess that certain authorities here either don't like good suggestions and support only generic, simple ones, or this is a note to all of us that forum activity, despite all the chatter we here, and cries that the forum is not active enough, is unwelcemed. What else could be the reason to ban a user for making a suggestion ? What is the messege being sent to all other users by this act of, with the lack of any other appropriate word, repression ?

    I am personally very agitated, dissspointed and above all discouraged to continue putting personal efforts into this game and forum knowing that I'm not free to speak, discuss and debate things without being afraid of being banned and ultimately losing my account, not for a well approved reason like insulting or attacking anyone on a personal level, because no one will ever hear that from me, but for speaking my mind and writing freely. It seems that we have to think hard before writing anything, not about putting our thought in a way other would understan, not about gramatic or semantics, but whether some people will agree and support the idea or will we get banned for ideas, or even having ideologies some which will not be supported by the present authorities.

    I appeal on everyone making these decisions not to use their privileges according to their subjective oppinons (or even prejudice), but to try to be objective and respect everyone ideas and suggestions. I suggest that this forum finnaly becomes a place where OSM enthusiast would be able to freely exchange ideas, where users will be respect, where people won't have to think twice before expressing their oppinions, and finally where we will all, both the community and those hearing our ideas, work together to improve our game and make it better, 'cause we all know that the game needs a breath of fresh air (not new graphics which is being designed, but feature and gameplay wise).
    Over and out.

    With respect,

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    What about adding the exact position of the players like CAM, CM, CDM, LM, RM instead of just middlefielder?

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    I hope they will add it ... @george-balakis

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    It will help it go more indepth, and still having them in a midfielder category wold be helpful

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    When you make your lineup for the next match:
    You select ( for example) the center half position.
    Then the popup appears starting with the strikers and then scrolling down automatically towards your defenders.
    This is annoying and takes to much time if your quickly want to lineup your team.
    Just show the defenders instantly.

  • Restricting new accounts from usimg training camp in their first 3-5 days.

    Recently in couple of my leagues I have a problem with noobs who are making fake accounts in late stages of the league and entering the league just to camp me trying to take some points off of me. It is getting really annoying. They are not even trying to be creative and hide the fact that they are fake accounta, they just make some generic manager name by pressing random keys on keyboard.
    By restricting completelly new users from using TCs in their first couple matces we could avoid such situations that are happening too often. Or at least new users could be restricted from joining leagues that are not in prep days.

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    Hello !

    I will describe whole problem of the unequal fight in this game.
    In this game, you don't set up your lineup and tactics the last seconds before the match, but during the match! And it can be basically changed in the 89th minute of the game, just before the final referee whistle blows. Manager can win the match by changing all tactics and formations during the match (at the end of the match), scoring 5 goals in a minute - that's a laugh, as changing tactics at the end of the simulation should only matter in the last minutes of the game, not the whole game .
    The guys from Sparta want to quit the game, basically everyone starts to think about it, because in fact this game is annoying in a long term and it should be changed, tell me, can you help me in anyway - to properly write and report it? Supporting this idea to some extent.
    That manager style differs too much from real football.
    What coach does not know until the last seconds how to play, what formation, tactics and line-up?
    What coach changes everything a few seconds before the match (before the end of the match really) and is able to re-tune his players, and win a game easily?
    I know, it's just a game and manager/game reality, but it should be limited. For example, you have to set the starting line (formation and line-up) at the time of the match, you can correct the details up to 5 minutes afterwards. Then the score and the tactics and changes made are displayed. But probably not at OSM.
    The point is that when the match starts at 23:00hr, after this time, it is not possible to change at least the formation and style of the game, the correction with sliders could be fine. At 22:59hr you see the spy analytics' final info, and that's it.
    Let's equalize the chances for both managers, not that Mr. Joe knows the engine in the league up to every second. As then the match that started at 23:00hr continues and lasts because, for example, the results will be ready at 23:30hr and Mr. Joe is waiting and changes all settings to counterattack at 23:29. I'm without chances for any change and I know I lost because the results are ready in seconds.
    There is also another side to it as having battles with other far away nationalities we used to have the simulations at 3:00am with the results at 3:30am, and there is no chance to wait for their last changes if it's daytime in their country. People waking up at 6am won't be able to wait until the last change.. All hard work, building the squad and time spent doesn't matter.. it's fucked up, no results and no fun in the game..

    Let's introduce some changes, maybe an idea with a break of 15 minutes during the match, and then maybe the possibility of changing formation and sliders for the second half, and then no changes during the second half as well. The match starts at 23:00, and whether it last 2 hours or 40 seconds, formation and starting line-up changes are blocked for the entire match or, as I mentioned earlier, to the first half. Let have a message popped up from the app, so far you can see when the first half finished and then you can change something..
    It is known that football has its own rules, if someone uses 3 changes in these 15 minutes, and then catches injury, it is difficult to finish in 10, but it's the managers' choice whether he changes any player or not. It can be only formation and sliders allowed only, or players as well - there are many ways to make the gamer better.

    Or I have a better and simpler idea.
    Let them leave this system, etc.

    The idea is to solve this unequal game.
    Match starts at 23:00 and the game is in progress, you can change the setting as before, but without the help of the scout - the scout should be able report the information to the start of the match, i.e. 23:00 and this is it - no more new information, all you got by 23:00 is that they will play 442 shots aggressively, etc. and after this zero information, and you have to rely on your instincts now.
    Then whether the simulation will last 30 minutes or even an hour, let everyone do what they want, let them change their settings during the match as much as possible even in the last seconds, but this game will be even, because everyone will have the opportunity to refer to the spy who he gave the information to the last moment before start of the match, or to think without help, use his brain. Maybe the opponent knows that I want to play 433a, he will play 451, so I will go 523b, but he may think the same, I will come out 5311 because maybe he thinks I will play 523b, then I will play 451. You may be smarter, or you may lose. Even having the final simulation at 2:30am, I'm in at 2:10am, position myself, and go to sleep peacefully, and it does not matter that the match lasts until 4 or so because that's only when the results are - no more new information for the opponent.
    Or, as I said - only a change that once the match start, you can only adjust the game style sliders, and that's it. Or let's take a step forward for our society and help improve the game to make it fair play.

    Game administrators say that it is okay to change in last minute before the game starts. Well, that would be 100% OK, But it should work in a way that when the match starts at 23, the last minute is at 22:59, not during the game. As the result pop out at 24:00, it is then easy to outsmart the system and changer everything at 23:59 🤣🤣🤣.
    This is not a change in the last seconds before the match but the last second before the end of the match / referee's whistle. This last second change during the game in OSM can do so much that you win a game, that you would lose if you didn't change the formation and everything in the last minute of the game.

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    @seba191995 interesting, I think this idea is worth considering 🙂

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    I think the point of you making a league 1 season is to either protect leagues from being over-dominated or make managers explore more. I think you could probably increase the contracts to 2 or 3 seasons, where u would also play Winner's Cup (CWC from here on) along with League and Cup (like in real life), and managers who fail to accomplish OBJs get fired. And also make a junior CWC (i.e. Europa League) for 5th to 7th.
    Just a more realistic suggestion, because it is somewhat bothering that u invested so much in a squad u would only use for at most 60 days.

  • in the fantasy league its better to have a budget of 150-200mil without transfers, this now is not a fantasy league it could be called -> `` make the squad just to start the competition '' because already on the fifth day 80% of the players will be sold and dont be in your fantasy squad😂 😂

  • Might seem unnecessary but actually important,

    We should be able to see other crews's current battles and battle history in web based osm. Just like in mobile version osm. Do not think it would really hard to implement it imo.