How authentic is the Match Experience feature?

  • Even though I believe the match commentary is fully scripted, but just to clear the doubts of some of my fellow crew mates, here are some questions. Are the comments made by the commentator accurate and exactly how the match went? Should it be taken seriously or just pass on as entertainment? E.g. Player X goes for a shot outside of the box, the ball hits the post. Did that really happen during the simulation?

  • Would appreciate if you guys can give a straightforward feedback regarding this. @Hespera @SUPERNOVA-8

  • @dhrubo-ii Hiya Dhrubo. 🙂
    There's only one thing I know for sure about the Match experience's commentary. I trust 100% the last comments that I read after the match is completed and I follow their tips and advices.

    Examples :

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    For the rest details of the match I'll have to ask first and I will get back to you. 😉

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 Yeah fair enough. Those last comments sound legit. But yeah please get back to me later on and let me know the legitimacy of the comments made during the match, like regarding the case which I stated at the beginning. Thanks!

  • @dhrubo-ii Hi again Dhrubo ! 🙂
    I'm back as promised mate with a detailed explanation on your question.

          Match Experience's Function

    Question : How does the game engine work during the Match Experience?

    Answer: The game's engine calculates chances, missed attempts of scoring a goal, corners, fouls, yellow cards/red cards, penalty kicks , freekicks etc etc... These are real events that happen during the match simulation and are correct ( simulation wise ones ) . But after that comes another task of the game engine, which assigns one random ''reason'' for every specific situation/event that occured on the field.

    A Detailed Example :

    Let's just imagine that the game's engine calculates that at the 10th minute of the match your player misses a chance to score.
    The 2nd task will pick from a list of 10 (this is a hypothetical number ) different situations one to illustrate and explain that missing chance.
    So, it may be that : player makes an out of the box shoot to goal and the goalie was superb on stopping it
    Or it can be picked the one where: player A went to the line, crossed ball and player B shoot it really bad and missed goal for a mile.

    Conclusion :

    The events during each match do happen, but the way those events happened (like explained above) are picked randomly from a list of the game engine.
    And lastly, the most accurate comments are indeed the ones mentioned by the commentators at the end of each match , like I told you on my first post.