This game is for CheaTers now

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    hello ....

    I hope that the management can see this message .

    I stop playing in this game from 2011 and I return back again but it get worse !!!

    In every league there are cheaters who by some way buy many super players only after only 10 games played in a league !!!

    Don't tell me training or buy and sell because he can't do that as his original players are not that expensive !!

    Example :

    Now I myself play against everton on the 16 round and he have 8 super players in his team I repeat 8 not 1 or even 3 as normal way !

    We pay money and we use scout not for a cheater come and beat us

    I think I will stop play this game forever and find a honest one .

  • Haven't you ever heard about the snowball effect? It doesn't matter if your starter squad is cheap. If you keep buying players for less money and selling them afterwards for the maximal price available (250% of their value), you'll eventually get a good team - including star players.
    If you manage to find cheaters (managers with multi-accounts that transfer players between their teams, for instance), you should report them properly: through the report feature in-game or messaging Gamebasics with the adequate template.

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    EVEN if you did that you need long time to have a big amount of money to buy a superstar players it will take months to do that ,, also many times i myself put a players with maximum prices and no one buy them for days .

    i think its better for me not to spend huge money in a game with full of cheaters who cheat by twisting methods

  • you need long time to have a big amount of money (...) it will take months

    What are you talking about? Even a league with more teams doesn't take up to two months to be finished!

    i (...) put (...) players with maximum prices and no one buys them for days

    The more expensive players are, the longer they'll take to sell.
    Although, it's quite rare that a player take more than two or three days to sell. You might get a stubborn player that seems not to be sold, but you'll manage to sell other players meanwhile.

    who cheat by twisting methods

    We dunno what you're talking about. I previously mentioned the forbidden methods to exercise. Other than that, it's legit.

    While you were off OSM, the game have become pay-to-win. A currency has been added and managers got to be able purchase it with real money, allowing to use these new Boss Coins to speed timers (that had been added too - changing the game a lot since its previous version prior to 2015) and let them be able to enjoy some premium features (such as training camps, secret trainings, scout and other ones). You're free to play the game without buying BC with real money anyways.

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    Hello mate,
    if you think that some managers is cheating then you can report him and he will be punished....but if you can not win games cause other manager has built a super team in a few days, then that is not cheating....this game gives all managers the tool to use coins and improve their teams....but it also gives you the opportunity/tool to make your own league, under your demands, for example without transfers or coins or camps..etc) there is no need to throw a "cheating" thing for's better to find a way to enjoy the game....