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    Hi! So, it;s not the first time when this happens to me: i change the line-up and changes don't take effect. This happned to me again, yesterday, on 2 accounts and its very frustrating since i put out of the first 11 players with low energy, so that i find out that those changes didnt took effect and those players played the game and thei energy dropped even low. anybody else had this problem? as i said, not first time when it happens, and yesterday happened on 2 of my accounts...

  • @ultra-viola said in lineup changes not saving:

    on 2 accounts

    Hi mate,

    are you aware that OSM TERMS  clearly state that you're allowed to have only one account?

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    @Lirind so this is what you got from my message? i only have 1 account. wanted to say 2 slots

  • @ultra-viola it may happen that if you have a player with low fitness and leave him out (Omitted), but you do not have many players, and the moment the match starts and there happen a substitution of a player with that player who has low fitness, it will not increase the fitness 100%.

    To increase the player's fitness to 100% he should not play a match. It should be left completely out and a player should be placed on the bench, so that at the moment when an automatic substitution will take place, the player with the lowest fitness will not enter the match - i.e. the player you left out (Omitted).

    This is your team Real Sociedad
    Screenshot 2020-07-23 at 13.34.05.png

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    i know that. but this is not what i said. and yes, it happened to me on 3rd and 4th slots, sociedad and atalanta. the team was not full, as some players were on training, so i completed the empty spots with players with good fatigue. those changes didnt saved and remained the team before i made the changes and for the empty spots they put random players from bench, but there were some players with low fatigue which i dropped out of team and repaced with others, but the changes didnt took effect, although after i made the changes the line up was complete, just to see when the match started that those changes didnt took place

  • @ultra-viola might be that your internet was slow and it didn’t save them or the game already ended on database before your changes was sent (changes weren't sent to server).

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    Hello mate...this is very weird....maybe the changes you made haven't been saved....no one has reported something similar....please if this happens again, please report it as a bug....