Playing against Manager that doesn't lineup

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    I see myself as an experienced player and I would like to report something that is really annoying me a lot.

    Why does OSM protect a manager that doesn't lineup its team?

    I've won my last Crew Cup World League in 7h Division and I drew 2 times against two managers who didn't lineup. And I was really better!

    And on the current edition in the 5th Division the same keeps happening. I'm leading the league.I have a team that values 100. My opponent had a team valued 85. He didn't line up. I played with my strongest team. My best player - the striker - missed 10 chances, including a penalty kick and had a 3.

    It's stupid, unfair, unrealistic, annoying and illogical that I drew 0-0 against a manager that doesn' prepare his team for the match.

    Please, correct this! It kills a player's motivation! It aparts me from the game.

    Come on, men!

  • English Moderator

    Hello's really annoying in general losing a game against pc managed team or the situation you say...but that's why all teams have their assistance manager...for the game that a manager can not set up his lineup for some reason....this assistance is for your team, if the assistant manager made a good lineup and made a draw with your team, it not this game fault but yours mostly....

    ....this post would be better on the suggestion section than in here....