• Hi,

    why always the time of the simulation is 19:01 but the match you see on 19:40.....


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    @Lirind Cause your server have to simulate thousands of leagues. He needs in time for it.

  • @Wenger-Wise i know that but couple month ago you know the approximately time and now you'll see the time match but you are not sure if the match start on this time or not 😄

    e.x.: the match start 19:30 and after 5 or 10 minutes you'll see the match but you know approximately time

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    @Lirind simulation starts at 1900 server time but your match starts when the count down ends till when all necessary update in the league are completed which may be completed early sometimes and sometimes may be completed late. And that's when you see your match result, match details, league standings, manager list, etc.

  • @King_Jamiu_10 I know that simulation time start at 19:00 but on my three slots always I see the time 19:01 but I need to wait 40 minutes and on two others slots after one hour at 20:10/15..... and on my slot 4 I see 21:01 and after one hour I see the match. Always the timer is count down at 19:01 on my three slots and 21:01 slot4?

    One league need just some seconds to be simulated or maybe is just an update on the time...?

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    On OSM World (where you play on) servers have different simulation times. Some servers start at 19.00, others at 20.00 and there are also servers who start at 21.00 with simulating all leagues. There are now even 2 servers who simulate in the afternoon (most likely for the managers who live in Asia, Australia, North America and South America so that their matches aren't simulated in the middle of the night).

    Second thing is that the working of the timer has changed several days ago. When the timer hits zero the server where you play on will start with the simulation of all the leagues. After that it is waiting until your own league is getting simulated. This can be anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Unfortunatly, you can't see anymore when approximtly you match is getting played. The only way to know for sure is if you were online during the simulation and saw at around which time your match was played. All other matches will be played around that same time.

  • @FC-Eddie_NL the first thing I know that WE have a different simulation time and my question was for the second thing, so thnx 😄

    The staff can close the topic, all is clear 😄

  • I really wanted to thank you all gentlemen ( @Lirind, @Wenger-Wise, @King_Jamiu_10, @FC-Eddie_NL ) for your posts, your good interest and help provided to a fellow manager. 😊