Moderator's Tools in Crew Forums

  • Portuguese Moderator

    Good evening,

    I come to ask for support for something that we of the groups are suffering a little. The groups forum is very important and as such should be kept clean and organized such as the world forum or the community forum.

    Thinking well, we already have these new forums running at 2 months and there is still in the forum of the Portvcale a test post that I did to verify the operation. What is my astonishment when I learned that the moderator of my group could not delete my post? I still asked him if he was playing with me, but the truth is that a week later the post was still there. Today 2 months later still nobody can moderate the forums of the groups and I can not understand how they delete a functional forums and put into operation forums that neither gives an option to delete posts. Is it more important to put likes in comments and have followers on osm than delete and close posts?

    The question I ask is: how would the community forums work without moderators??

    This is no joke! I already wrote about this in the Portuguese forum and one staff senior closed topic with the answer: "The joy of some is the sadness of others!!"

    Please do not quit this !! This is serious.

    Paulo Ferreira aka Ferreipa

  • Hi @ferreipa, I am not in a crew so I have not experienced the problem you are talking about. So am I right in saying the moderator of your crew doesn't have the tools to delete posts? Is this a new problem or has this been happening since the introduction of the new forums?

    And are any other crews experiencing this? Or is just this just affecting your crew?

    When I get the answers I will ask and should be able to provide you with an answer 🙂

  • English Moderator

    Yes, it's true that at the moment, crew mod or vice mod can not delete topics / posts from their crew forum. But this is something that will be solved in the near future for the guys above. What i have to suggest is to take care what we post on our crew forums and if something that is posted seems offensive, then you can always report it and i think action will be taken immediately.

  • Portuguese Moderator

    It's been 22 hours since I created this topic and I did not see any other group asking for forum moderation to be implemented. Are we Portvcale the only ones who like to have an organized forum?

    Thanks guys for the answers. At least they were responses with respect and without playing with people who play this game. When I need something, I'll come right here to the world forum. I hope this feature is working for groups as soon as possible so everyone has everything organized.

    Thanks for the answers @ruby2003 and @DE-XRIST

  • @ferreipa Hello from me too Paulo and Happy New Year. ☺
    You know what mate? I believe I will have to edit your topic's title , cause to be honest with you , when I first read your post it wasn't clear enough to me what you were trying to say. So when you write Groups you mean to say Crews . Let's see what will happen from now on. Give it some time Paulo. 😉

  • @ferreipa

    No, Portvcale is not the only crew who wants some tools to delete/close/open topics from crew forum. 👍

  • P.S. It's the weekend Paulo, so the majority of managers and forumers are away from their screens. 😆
    Having fun outdoors! 🍹 Wanna bet that you'll find loads of posts coming to you from Monday? 😄
    I moved your topic to the proper category , were discussions take place about the game that we all love. :ok_hand_tone2:

  • Portuguese Moderator

    Good idea, thanks @SUPERNOVA-8!!

    Now we will wait for the participation of other groups

  • Spanish Moderator

    Hi mate, we also need tools for the crew forum!
    Let's hope some solution!

  • @ferreipa

    Hello Paulo!

    First of all, congratulations to the initiative!

    I'll be honest. In Managers, we do not use the Crews Forum. Most do not have free time to access another platform like the current forum, so we've settled everything via Whatsapp Groups and selected staff to record all the most relevant information on our group page.

    The Crews Forum for us is totally without function, even more having no tools to organize and administer it correctly!

    We hope that the planned upgrades for the crews will make us better able to manage our crews.

  • @ferreipa

    Good afternoon everyone!

    Yes, it is true that the answer given by the senior member of the Portuguese forum was at least ironic, unlike the question posed by the coach Ferreipa.

    And I'm of the same opinion as him!

    As a moderator of the crew "Os Navegadores", I have a lot of trouble to organize the new forum, because, as already said, it is impossible to delete/edit topics, even for the moderators and vice moderators of the crew.

    This aspect worked perfectly in the old forum! Now, I wonder ... "Why did not they do the same in this new forum?"

    I have already ordered directly to all the coaches of the group, that they can not create topics without my authorization, a tool that should not be available to the coaches without responsibilities in the group.

    However, I think the implementation of this improvement would greatly help the crews!

    Although some coaches do not have time for the new forum, many have, even for 5 minutes a day!
    And the forum is an excellent communication platform in the game, because not everyone wants to participate in groups created in Whatsapp.

    It would be great to take this into account, as it would greatly benefit the groups (which are disappearing) in the OSM.


  • Portuguese Moderator

    Is it worth fighting for one thing that everyone needs and no one helps?