Cannot change profile picture forumside

  • I'm on Firefox with Windows 10, and (when editing my profile) there are no options to select a custom profile picture: Only the default picture, which is an N in a green circle. I can confirm this even after taking the unprecedented move of putting up a custom gameside avatar. Why is this, and when will the feature to get custom profile pics be unlocked for me?

  • @nixieosm And I'm glad to see your name on our new exciting forums ! Nixie you old friend! Was about time you showed up. Haha. Hello and welcome to the new OSM era you legendary forumer. 😃

    Now to make your life easier on your first days in here my friend please take a good look at the following link:
    Please read this topic to find a few general guidelines about the new forums and you will see at the bottom of it the answer about the Forum's Avatar.

    • You have to change your Avatar on your OSM game profile of your account, and then automatically you will get the same avatar on your forum profile too. Or at least you will get to see another pic too , besides the default one that you see now. 😉

    Just in case you've forgotten how we change the avatar on our game profile :




    That's all my dear Nixie. Good luck ! :fingers_crossed_tone1: